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The following are a collection of questions a long with answers that may help you in the Mediumship.

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What is Mediumship?
A Medium is the intermediary between the spirit side and the material World, the medium depends on the message and relays to the one they are reading for.

Will a Medium connect with my loved one who is on the other side of life?
Yes, a Medium will connect with one who has made their transition to the so-called Spirit side of life.

Is there a difference between a Psychic and a Medium?
A Medium receives information from their spirit guide, some with the use of cards or other means. A psychic does not depend on spirit information, but through the person that he or she is working with and their vibration.

Is the Aura important in a reading?
Oh Yes, the Aura will tell additional information about a person. There are mediums that will not use an Aura as a means of obtaining more about the one he or she are reading for.

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