By John Rogers

The Awakening Soul


The AWAKENING SOUL is a unique book that describes the soul’s journey through the earth plane as a soul in a physical body. In this material, John talks about the Book of Life and the wealth of knowledge pertaining to each of us that is contained there. John’s guide walks us through two of the important halls, the Hall of Records and the Hall of Recovery, and discusses the purpose of each.

Johns encounter with his new guide Mae, in Iowa and the information that she provided to him on the so-called afterlife, is interesting and one that will be an eye-opener. The book touches upon Reincarnation and just how important that each past life that we experience helps develop our soul.

This book will help you to understand that the so-called transition to the other side is one that is easier than you thought, like walking from one room to the next.

About the author

John Rogers

John Rogers is an internationally known Certified Medium with over 40 years of experience in communicating with loved ones and personal guides from the other side of life. He has demonstrated his work in the UK, the New England states, Iowa, Florida and New York. He is the author of several channeled books that help people understand the workings of spirit and their connection with us.

John has a sense of humor in his lectures. He is a frequent guest medium on local radio, Sirius international radio, and television. John’s readings are accurate and evidential. He believes that the truth is important when dealing with your loved ones. In many of his readings, he will also see the different colors that surround you as well as other aspects of your aura. He is able to interpret these colors and characteristics to provide a comprehensive description and interpretation of how your aura is relevant to you.

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I found the book comforting; it gave me a sense of peace about dying. I found I had a true purpose and know how reaching out to my spirit guides in hopes that I can someday develop a relationship with them I truly enjoyed the book and found it very interesting I love that we have mediums that can help us understand our own souls and the souls of our loved ones. Thank you.
—Luann Manderville
News Assistant, Florida Today

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