The Medium Within

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“Table Readings & Aura Drawings”
For a personal Aura Drawing and Reading with
The Medium, John Rogers

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med_medwithin_bookThe Medium Within is a powerful story of the unique connection that John has with the spirit world and his spirit guide, Gladys. With the help of Gladys, doors have been opened to the working of the, so called, other side of life.

John shows us how his special gift enables him to help us reconnect with loved ones who are residents there.  With the loving guide of Gladys, he is able to spread the message of love, peace and reconciliation to those searching for answers.

Each engaging chapter reveals facts about life after death and how we are all connected – even when we pass – and provides a road-map to how we can tap in to our own, wonderful and powerful, Mediumship to assist in our day- to-day lives.


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