John Rogers is an internationally known Certified Medium with over 40 years of experience in communicating with loved ones and personal guides from the other side of life.  He has demonstrated his work in the UK, the New England states, Iowa, Florida and New York. He is the author of several channeled books that help people understand the workings of spirit and their connection with us.

John has a sense of humor in his lectures.  He is a frequent guest medium on local radio, Sirius international radio and television. John’s readings are accurate and evidential. He believes that the truth is important when dealing with your loved ones. In many of his readings he will also see the different colors that surround you as well as other aspects of your aura.  He is able to interpret these colors and characteristics to provide a comprehensive description and interpretation of how your aura is relevant to you.




John Rogers is a hit!  He has become a regular participant of the Palm Bay Library's diverse public programming offerings.  His engaging program draws a large attendance and furthers our efforts to promote Brevard County authors.
Christine Sullivan
I have just returned home from my second trip to Lilydale. I just wanted to make a special mention of a medium I had a reading with. His name is John Rogers and his was by far the best reading i received while in Lilydale. I hope when i go next year that he is there. He is very good at what he does. I also very much enjoyed the workshop
Joy Edgeley
I want to tell you how much I was amazed at how accurate you were with my reading. I am still thinking about everything you told me. you mentioned the loss of my baby and it gave me comfort that even though I miscarried, my baby boy's soul is still with me. Also I have always sensed my grandmother close to me and I have often felt the strength of a warrior. I now know that's my Indian guide. I am soo much more open today to embrace all of it. These are just a few things amongst the many you confirmed for me today. You have an unbelievable gift John. Thank you and Gladys for being my beacon of light for me today. I would like to recruit my chamber friends to have a reading too.
Ivey Rodriguez
I would highly recommend John Rogers’s most recent book, Soul Traveler, if one should wish to gain a better understanding of the reincarnation experience. This book is not based upon speculation but rather actual communications that the author has received from his spirit guides. Special emphasis is given in this book to the preparatory steps taken by each soul before embarking on a new incarnation in the earthly realm. Rogers describes in some detail the advisory roles played by the Council of Twelve and personal spirit guides in the development of a soul’s specific life blueprint for an upcoming life. The overriding message of this book is that the circumstances and close personal relationships that we encounter in life are not the product of chance or coincidence but rather something that each soul freely plans out in detail ahead of time.
Dr. Dennis Tishken
I found the Rev. John Rogers book, “The Medium Within” a fascinating and informative read. He has extensive experience as a gifted medium and opens many doors for us into an unseen world. I recommend his book highly.
Gail D. Gannon Med, CHT. NLP
We all have questions about what happens to us when we depart the body we "rent" for our stay in this life. We hear about mediums, spirituality, guides and angels, and usually wind up with even more questions. It’s refreshing to read a book which chronicles a spiritual minister’s personal quest for answers to his questions and in so doing, helps us answer many of our own. Very interesting reading!
Dr. Stephen G. Rudin
John’s book is very enlightening and extremely easy to follow, especially for those of us who are novices in this subject. Excellent readings!
Mary Rohrer
John Roger’s extraordinary ability to communicate with several spirit guides on the other side is intriguing as he goes into areas of which one can only dream. In this unique work, through a series of conversations with his spirit guides, he examines the relationship between those who have passed over, our own souls, and the lessons we are here to learn. A misconception that most people have is that death is the end. Even though it may be the conclusion of one’s own physical being, death is just the beginning of our soul’s journey onward. For those of you looking for the why’s to your questions, "The Medium Within" may just have the answers!
SM Palm Bay, FL