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John Rogers

Author, Medium, and Lecturer

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About John Rogers

John Rogers is an International Medium, Author and Public Speaker working in the field for over 30 years. John brings unique energy, passion, and gifts for those seeking answers. John has shared his gift with Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, England and is a guest medium on the radio.
He uses abilities to help those in need of answers and guidance. He is currently involved with Lilydale Spiritualist Camp and Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

John is the founder of the Spiritualist Chapel of Melbourne FL and still an active member. John is also the founder of Canton Spiritualist Church in Canton Massachusetts. John is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute of Ministry and Mediumship.

John shares a special connection with his Spirit Guides and chooses to use his gift for guidance and help others understand the other side.


The Medium Within


The Awakening Soul


Soul Traveler



John Roger’s extraordinary ability to communicate with several spirit guides on the other side is intriguing as he goes into areas of which one can only dream. In this unique work, through a series of conversations with his spirit guides, he examines the relationship between those who have passed over, our own souls, and the lessons we are here to learn.

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