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An Article written in Senior Life

"Melbourneís Small Man is Really a Medium"

By Mary Brotherton

One of our famous psychic medium, who is known worldwide and for 20 years, he has helped people communicate with their departed loved ones who have "crossed over." He has astounded television audiences and seminar participants. For years, people have put their names on his waiting list for private sessions, and have paid thousands to spend half-an-hour with this famous medium. Now, even his over-burdened waiting list is closed. He refuses to compromise his readings for the sake of speed. People wait to speak with him.

John Rogers isnít so famous, yet. He lives in Melbourne, but he also has a busy schedule, and his readings are a fraction of the cost of the more famous mediums. His waiting list isnít nearly as long, either. Accepting his Mediumship was something that Rev. Rogers did after much protest, skepticism and stubbornness. He set out to disprove the theory that sane people can indeed speak with the dead.

"I was born a Catholic boy, and wanted to disprove and debunk the whole idea of mediums or the spirit realm. I went into it to disprove it and wound up a student. Now, Iím the teacher," Rogers said.

When he lived in Onset, Mass., Rogers had plans to become a Catholic priest. Instead, he founded the Spiritualist Chapel of Melbourne. An ordained spiritualist minister, Rogers believes that spiritualism is a religion, a philosophy and a science that helps people live in harmony with natural laws revealed through studying scriptures, sciences and communication with those who live in the spirit world. He has been a guest medium at the Cassadaga Spiritual Camp near Orlando. He is in demand in various venues in Brevard County, and holds a standing invitation to return to England where he recently went on a 10-day speaking tour.

Standing no more than 5 feet 6 inches tall, Rogers does not have a commanding physical presence. He is soft spoken, yet when he gives a reading, his charisma commands an entire room. He speaks with authority and knowledge that he believes can only come from the spirit world.

"I tell exactly what the spirits tell me to; I donít flower it over."

When asked just what a medium is, Rogers joked, "itís a size that falls between small and large," before he said, "There is only one definition that I think has the best grasp of the concept. A medium is a receiver; it is much like a radio, and you turn to the station that you want. That is what a medium does. He or she tunes into the right frequency and tunes into his or her spirit guide. A reading is made up of conversations between the medium and the spirit, on behalf of the one sitting for the reading. Like everything else in the world, some mediums are better than others, and the quality of the reading depends upon the ability of the mediums to connect with their spirit guides."

The Rev. John Rogers may not yet be as famous as other mediums, but he feels he is as accurate in his readings. "Thatís for each individual to decide. Only the one being read will know the truth of how authentic any medium is."

Rogers explained the difference between angels, guardians, spirit guides and spirit workers. "All of us have angels and guides who will help, if you listen to them. We all have many guides and angels who are ready to help us, but if we donít acknowledge them, they will walk away. Just like people in our world, if one person does not try to establish the relationship, the spirits will give us the space."

Rogers enjoys talking about his connection with the spirit world and the many amazing experiences heís had in the 30 years since he abandoned his skepticism. He has written "The Medium Within," a book that gives a small indication of life in the spirit world, and is currently writing "The Light Workers," which goes beyond the lessons in his first book.


John's Sermon at Church of Awareness in Orlando, Fl-April 19, 2009

It comes in two parts, click on the first and then click on the 2cd.