Aura Drawings

Aura Drawing
The medium, John Rogers, is offering a unique combination form of reading never before done by mediums consisting of both a private reading along with an Aura Drawing for his clients.

John does his readings in three stages: your past lives, present, and future. He will add a new concept in his readings, your personal AURA DRAWING with a description and meaning of your distinctive color combination. This is a unique approach, giving a total picture of you.

John has been a professional medium for over 40 years. As a medium, lecturer, and renowned author of 4 books, he has toured the USA as well as the UK. He has appeared on Sirius Satellite Radio and television.

If you are interested in this unique style of reading, please contact John at 321-750-8331 for an appointment. For a schedule of upcoming events, please visit John’s website at